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This site is here to discuss the practices of unethical spraying of Chem Trails by world governements. Also to discover ways to peacefully resist these government forces that utilize Chem Trails as a common practice.
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  Method of production of carbon black - CHANNEL

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PostSubject: Method of production of carbon black - CHANNEL   Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:11 pm

There are furnace carbon black production, tank, thermal fracturing of three. Natural gas as the main raw material, to channel the flame contact area and production of carbon black, such as carbon black slot. With the furnace black and thermal cracking black compared to the particles smaller and larger than the surface area. At the same time, the use of a particular mode of production, the surface by oxidation, contain more oxygen-containing functional groups and acidic. Coalescence of such carbon black particles less. Contains more oxygen due to functional groups, can delay the vulcanization rate and improve the durability of polyolefin and giving a good flow of ink and printing performance.

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Method of production of carbon black - CHANNEL
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