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This site is here to discuss the practices of unethical spraying of Chem Trails by world governements. Also to discover ways to peacefully resist these government forces that utilize Chem Trails as a common practice.
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 Sodium hypochlorite disinfection disinfection role

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Sodium hypochlorite disinfection disinfection role Empty
PostSubject: Sodium hypochlorite disinfection disinfection role   Sodium hypochlorite disinfection disinfection role I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 5:02 am

Sodium hypochlorite just disinfection is concerned, sodium hypochlorite fluid still has obvious advantages. As a kind of real efficient, broad-spectrum, safety of strong sterilization, kill virus potions, it with water affinity is very good, can with water, it arbitrary than do not exist liquid chlorine, chlorine dioxide etc elixir safety hidden, and the disinfection effect is recognized as and chlorine quite. It is also for this one characteristic, so it alexipharmic effect is good, dosing accurate, safe in operation and easy to use, easy to store, non-toxic, does not exist to the environment, can run gas leakage arbitrary work environment condition dosing.
Sodium hypochlorite sterilization principle is mainly through its hydrolysis, defecate further formed hypochlorite decomposition form new ecological oxygen, new ecological oxygen is extremely strong oxidizing make bacteria and viruses, thus make the protein degeneration pathogenic microbes to death. Chlorine disinfection principle is also mainly produce hypochlorite way.
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Sodium hypochlorite disinfection disinfection role
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