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  Description and applications of Itaconic acid

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 Description and applications of Itaconic acid Empty
PostSubject: Description and applications of Itaconic acid    Description and applications of Itaconic acid I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 21, 2011 4:01 am

Itaconic Acid (also called Methylene Succinic Acid) is a white crystalline carboxylic acid obtained by the fermentation of carbohydrates. It is soluble in water, ethanol and acetone. Unsaturated solid bond makes a conjugated system with carbonly group. It is used in the field of;
• Co-monomer to prepare acrylic fibers and rubbers, reinforced glass fiber, artificial diamonds and lens
• Additive in fibers and ion exchange resins to increases abrasion, waterproofing, physical resistance, dying affinity and better duration
• Water treatment system to prevent contamination by metallic alkali
• As binder and sizing agent in non-weaving fibers, paper and concrete paint.
The end applications of itaconic acid and its esters include in the field of co-polymerizations, plasticizers, lubricant oil, paper coating. carpets for better duration, adhesives, coatings, paints, thickener, emulsifier, surface active agents, pharmaceuticals and printing chemicals.

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Description and applications of Itaconic acid
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