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 Ten Dietary Habits Keep You Fit

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PostSubject: Ten Dietary Habits Keep You Fit   Ten Dietary Habits Keep You Fit I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 28, 2011 11:03 pm

Fat around the belly makes women sad, especially when they can not wear the clothes they love. However, if they follow the below dietary habits, they can throw the fat away!

Eat the food rich in potassium
Minerals can regulate people’s water balance and eliminate the fat. Food rich in potassium includes bananas, honey-dew melons and mangoes. Such food contains an amino acid called asparamide which helps the discharge of excessive water from the body.

Don’t keep your mouth busy
We form the habit unconsciously of chewing something, sometimes the gum. We tender to keep our mouth busy. We talk when we drink with straws or have meals. The easiest way is to close your mouth and focus on what you are doing. Don’t find something to eat from time to time.

Reduce the intake of carbohydrate at night
Carbohydrate including bread, spaghetti and rice makes you gain much fat around the belly. If you really love it, remember to take it before the noon. Don’t leave it to eat at night. Otherwise, you will find your belly grows again next day you wake up.

Drink little sodas
Bubbles contained in sodas make your belly swell. Form the habit of drinking water. In this way, you can avoid too many calories.

Eat less sugar substitute
Most people know sugar makes them fat but few of them can resist the temptation of sugar. And so many of them turn to eat sugar substitute which contains a lot of sorbic acid. In such a case, it is better to eat true sugar, like candies.

Utilize menstrual periods
If your mood is unstable and tender to eat plenty of sweet food in the menstrual period, you should prepare in advance. If you guarantee to take enough calcium and magnesium at that time, those two elements can protect you from getting fat!

Massage often
To discharge the waste gas, you need to massage your belly time from time. Your hands clamp your waist, fingers, below the navel, draws circles deasil. It seems very simple, but very effective.

Eat more celery
Eat some celery at every meal. You don’t need to eat a lot, just some pieces. Celery is a little spicy which helps intestines and stomach wriggle.

Drinking yoghourt
Yoghourt contains many probiotics which help intestines and stomach wriggle. In fact, women drink yoghourt every day for 4 weeks, they can find their bellies smaller. Choose low-fat yoghourt as much as possible.

Take exercise constantly
Walk for 15-20 minutes every day so that the fat around your belly can be gone forever! Remember to pull yourself in and breathe deeply when walking.
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Ten Dietary Habits Keep You Fit
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