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 Delicious Foods Help Eliminate the Wrinkles on Your Face

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Delicious Foods Help Eliminate the Wrinkles on Your Face Empty
PostSubject: Delicious Foods Help Eliminate the Wrinkles on Your Face   Delicious Foods Help Eliminate the Wrinkles on Your Face I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 9:47 pm

With the growing of age, women may find there are more and more wrinkles appearing on their face. In such a case, many women may turn to some skin care products for help. However, few people know that some common foods in daily life can also help them remove the wrinkles on their face. And these foods are mainly as follows:

First, rice
When the rice is prepared, choose some soft and warm rice and knead it into a ball. Apply the rice ball on the face and rub it gently. It can extract the grease and dirty substances out of the pores in the skin. Until the rice has turned greasy and black, and then wash the face in clean water, which can make the skin breathe freely and reduce the wrinkles on the face.

Second, chicken soup
Most of the skin dermis tissue is composed of elastic fiber. If the skin lacks of this fiber, it will lose elasticity, so that the wrinkles will appear. Chicken skin and chicken cartilage contain a large number of chondroitin sulfate, which is the most important component in elastic fiber. Wash the chicken bone clean, put it with chicken skin together, and then make soup, which is not only very nutritious, but also can eliminate the wrinkles and make the skin delicate and smooth.

Third, pettitoes
Pettitoes contains a large number of colloid, which is very beneficial to the health of the skin. The colloid in pettitoes has a good effect of eliminating the wrinkles on the face. As a result, many women like eating pettitoes, so as to make their skin much younger and more beautiful.

Third, fruits and vegetables
Loofah, banana, orange, watermelon, tomato, strawberry and many other kinds of fruits and vegetables have the most natural effects of moistening the skin and removing the wrinkles on the face. What's more, you can also make these fruits and vegetables into mask and apply them on your face, which not only can make your face smooth, but also can eliminate the wrinkles.

Fifth, beer
Beer contains very low content of alcohol, but it contains a large number of tannic acid and picric acid, which can stimulate the appetite, promote digestion, and clear away the heat in human body. What's more, beer also contains a lot of vitamin B, sugar and protein. Appropriate intake of beer can enhance the physical fitness, and reduce the wrinkles on the face.
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Delicious Foods Help Eliminate the Wrinkles on Your Face
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