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 Four Kinds of Foods Improve the Anemia for Women

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PostSubject: Four Kinds of Foods Improve the Anemia for Women   Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:07 pm

It is very easy for women to get iron-deficiency anemia unconsciously, as the blood can be lost to some extent during the menstruation. According to the research, nearly 20% of women and 50% of pregnant women get anemia. Women with anemia should actively adjust the diet to absorb the foods containing iron so as to alleviate the unhealthy symptoms caused by anemia. Vitamin C can improve the absorption of iron and help the human body produce hemes, so women should also pay attention to the supplementation of vitamin C. Generally speaking, four kinds of foods can effectively improve the anemia for women in everyday life.

The first kind of food is red date. Red dates contain a large number of cyclic adenosine monophosphates which can adjust the metabolism inside the human body to accelerate the growth of new cells and remove the dead ones. At the same time, the hematopoiesis ability of bone marrows can be strengthened and the number of red blood cells can be increased.

The second kind of food is cane. Cane is a kind of common fruit in winter. Cane contains rich sugar. The content of sugar contained in cane can even reach 18% to 20%. What’s more, cane contains various trace elements like iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The content of iron is also rather high. Each kilo of cane contains 9 milligrams of iron. Therefore, cane can effectively help women enrich the blood.

The third kind of fruit is pumpkin. The nutritional value of pumpkins is very high. Pumpkins contain abundant vitamins and a given amount of iron. These nutrients play an important role in protecting the normal functions of the internal organs. Recently, the experts have found out that a kind of nutrient called “cobalt” is also contained in pumpkins. Women who need to enrich the blood can often eat pumpkins.

The fourth kind of food is grape. Grapes contain a large amount of glucose, which can nourish the cardiac muscles. At the same time, grapes contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and amino acid, so grapes can enrich the blood and improve the anemia and the decreasing blood platelets. In addition, grapes can also help people deal with neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

In short, women are easily attacked by anemia because of unique physiological activity, and they can eat the foods like red dates, pumpkins and grapes to enrich the blood for their bodies.
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Four Kinds of Foods Improve the Anemia for Women
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