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 Different Effects of Losing Weight of Green Tea and Black Tea

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Different Effects of Losing Weight of Green Tea and Black Tea Empty
PostSubject: Different Effects of Losing Weight of Green Tea and Black Tea   Different Effects of Losing Weight of Green Tea and Black Tea I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 9:35 pm

Drinking tea can help people lose weight. The varieties of tea are rather diverse. Different tea plays a different role in losing weight. The effects of losing weight of green tea and black tea are different.

Green tea contains polyphenol, catechin, caffeine and vitamin C, and it can restrain the absorption of fat and sugar and decompose and burn the fat. The long-term intake of green tea can form a kind of thin physical constitution for people. Catechin can help people remove the fat and accelerate the metabolism. It can accelerate the oxidation of fat, stimulate the hydrolysis of fat and restrain the activity of hepatic lipase. Drinking one cup of green tea after dinner can prevent the increase of blood sugar and reduce the secretion of hormones which can help the accumulation of fat. What’s more, green tea can decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol for people. The tannic acid can reduce the blood pressure and remove the extra cholesterols from the blood. It can also prevent myocardial infarction for people. In order to enhance the effect of losing weight, it is beneficial for people to drink tea after dinner so as to eliminate the fat. But people should not drink green tea during the limosis, or the stomach can be hurt. In order to avoid insomnia, people should also not drink the tea before they go to bed.

Black tea contains abundant caffeine and theaflavin, so it can not only help the human body lose weight but also warm the body and accelerate the metabolism. The caffeine can decompose the fat and send the decomposed fat to the blood. The caffeine can also promote the urination, stimulate the kidney, expand the blood vessels and remove the extra water from the body. What’s more, it can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote the digestion. Women can put ginger into the tea, which can adjust the cold physical constitution and improve the metabolism for the human body. However, it is not suitable for people to drink the tea with ginger too much. Therefore, it is suitable for people to drink black tea in the morning to warm the whole body. Compared with green tea, black tea can also prevent the cardiovascular diseases.

In short, people can choose the suitable kinds of tea according to their own demands and physical situations. The effects of losing weight can be enhanced if people choose suitable methods.
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Different Effects of Losing Weight of Green Tea and Black Tea
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