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 The Dietary Skills for Beauty

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The Dietary Skills for Beauty Empty
PostSubject: The Dietary Skills for Beauty   The Dietary Skills for Beauty I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2011 10:04 pm

Particular foods can protect particular parts of the human body. People just need to remember these dietary skills and follow them, and then the maximum beauty can be achieved.

The beautifying of skin should be closely connected with the anti-aging effort. The lack of zinc can rapidly cause the appearance of wrinkles. The seeds of sunflower and pumpkin contain abundant zinc. Therefore, people can increase the intake of the seeds of sunflower and pumpkin in everyday life. At the same time, people can often eat kiwis. The vitamin C contained in kiwis can improve the blood circulation and send nutrients to the skin. In addition, vitamin A can enhance the elasticity for the skin and defer the slackness. The dairy products and animal livers contain rich vitamin A.

The protection of hair can be also achieved by the dietary therapy. With the increase of the human age, people should provide moderate health care for hair. Eggs contain sulphur which can strengthen the elasticity for hair. Zinc and vitamin B complex can defer the growth of white hair. In order to protect the hair effectively, people can often eat the foods containing high protein and fresh vegetables together, as 97% of hair is composed of keratoprotein.

The improvement of eyesight can be realized by the intake of the foods containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium. Carrot contains abundant vitamin A and vitamin E, which can effectively improve the eyesight. Oranges contain vitamin C, so the intake of oranges can also protect the eyes.

The protection of fingernails is rather necessary, as the beauty of fingernails can enhance the grace for women. The scientific diet can help people protect the nails. Yogurt contains the protein which can accelerate the growth of fingernails, so the drinking of yogurt can be rather beneficial to the healthy growth of the nails. The frequent intake of walnut seed and peanut can effectively prevent the breakage of fingernails, as walnut seed and peanut contain abundant growth hormones which can enhance the strength of fingernails.

The health care of teeth should also be paid great attention to by people. People can protect their teeth by eating cheese and lemon. The calcium contained in cheese can make the teeth firm and vitamin C contained in lemons can kill the bacteria inside the oral cavity which can cause decayed teeth. In addition, the intake of fish and fowl can protect the teeth, as these foods contain phosphorus which can ruggedize the teeth.
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The Dietary Skills for Beauty
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