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 Women Should Often Drink Mushroom Soup after the Delivery

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Women Should Often Drink Mushroom Soup after the Delivery Empty
PostSubject: Women Should Often Drink Mushroom Soup after the Delivery   Women Should Often Drink Mushroom Soup after the Delivery I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 19, 2011 9:33 pm

Pregnancy and delivery are two important stages during the whole life of women. Many women do not like to take are of their looks. In addition, they are easily attacked by the increasing weight and worsening skin. All these factors can easily affect the health skin of pregnant women. In fact, it is important for expectant mothers to be conscious of their appearances and prevent the skin aging. Proper diet can help expectant mothers protect and improve the skin during the pregnancy and after the delivery. According to the experts, women should often drink mushroom soup after the delivery to improve the skin.

After the delivery, women should not supplement abundant and various nutrients immediately for themselves. They should pay attention to the sequence of nutrition supplementation. Women should not always drink the nutritional soup like trotter soup to promote lactation, as the new-born babies do not eat too much and the excessive promotion of lactation can affect the normal secretion of breast milk. In the first three days after the delivery, women only need to maintain the normal diet including moderate soup. Because of the huge loss of blood and physical strength, women can eat some foods which can enrich the blood and improve the spleen, such as brown sugar and medlar. At the same time, women can eat some fresh fruits to supplement vitamins in time.

After three days of the delivery, women can drink mushroom soup. The benefits of mushroom are rather diverse. Firstly, mushroom can enhance the immunity for the human body. The effective substances contained in mushroom can strengthen the normal functions of lymphocytes so as to enhance the human immunity to various diseases. Secondly, mushroom can stop the pain for people. It is said that the effect of stopping the pain of mushroom can be equal to that of morphine. Thirdly, mushroom can relieve cough and reduce sputum for people. At the same time, the coarse fibers and lignins contained in mushroom can maintain the balance of water in the intestines and remove the extra cholesterols and sugar from the body, which can prevent various diseases like constipation, intestinal cancer, arteriosclerosis and diabetes. In addition, the catecholase

contained in mushroom can effectively decrease the blood pressure for the human body.

In short, the proper diet and reasonable nutritional supplementation are both very important for women after the delivery. Mushroom is beneficial to the human health. Therefore, women should often drink mushroom soup to recover the body and improve the skin.

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Women Should Often Drink Mushroom Soup after the Delivery
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