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 Vegetarians Should Pay Attention to Some Healthy Problems

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PostSubject: Vegetarians Should Pay Attention to Some Healthy Problems    Vegetarians Should Pay Attention to Some Healthy Problems  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 2:27 am

In modern life, more and more people know that for their health, they should eat less grease and fatty meat, but eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, there are more and more vegetarians, with women as the major part. These vegetarians tend to take in more vegetables than they really need every day, but rarely or never eat any meat. In this regard, nutrition experts point out it is not beneficial to health.

It can't be denied that vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, as well as dietary fiber. So eating a proper amount of vegetables can promote the peristalsis of intestinal tract and bowel movement, provide the necessary micronutrients to human body, play the role of anti-oxidation, and ensure the normal function of human organs. However, excessive intake of vegetables may bring about some harms to the body.

Firstly, most vegetables are alkaline. For patients who have already suffered from calcium phosphate stone, if they eat a large number of alkaline vegetables in their daily diets, it may increase the formation of stones, and make them hard to be eliminated from the body.

Secondly, some vegetables contain a large number of oxalic acid, which is easy to combine with the calcium in other food and form calcium oxalate, thus leading to calculus. This is one of the reasons why many vegetarian women are easy to suffer from calculus. Such vegetables include spinach, cabbage, celery, tomatoes and so on.

Thirdly, vegetables which contain a large amount of crude fiber are difficult to digest, such as celery, bamboo shoots and so on. So the patients with gastrointestinal diseases should not eat too much of this kind of food. What's more, they are not suitable for the liver cirrhosis patients, otherwise it will easily cause stomach bleeding or esophageal varices bleeding, which may make the disease much more serious.

Fourthly, for the adolescents who are at the growth and development stage, if they take in a large number of vegetables, it will hinder the absorption of calcium and zinc in the body, thus affecting the mental development and bone growth of the children.

For the purpose of "weight loss", more and more women eat a large number of vegetables, and reduce or reject eating any meat and fish. However, few of them realize that such a habit will not only affect the intake and absorption of essential fatty acids and quality protein of the body, resulting in protein malnutrition, but also will prevent the absorption of rich nutrients such calcium, iron and zinc from these meat diets. As a result, women should pay special attention to avoiding iron deficiency anemia and calcium deficiency caused by eating too much vegetarian food
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Vegetarians Should Pay Attention to Some Healthy Problems
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