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 Skin Care and Weight Loss Effects of Olive Oil

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Skin Care and Weight Loss Effects of Olive Oil Empty
PostSubject: Skin Care and Weight Loss Effects of Olive Oil   Skin Care and Weight Loss Effects of Olive Oil I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 13, 2011 9:29 pm

In many western countries, olive oil is regarded as “liquid gold” and “oil of beauty”. Olive oil plays an important role in protecting the skin, helping people lose weight and improving the edible oil.

Olive oil contains abundant fatty acid and natural fat-soluble vitamins which are easy to be absorbed by the human skin. Therefore, it is rather useful to use olive oil to nourish the human skin, especially the dry skin. In addition, olive oil can absorb ultraviolet rays in the sunlight so as to prevent the skin from getting sunburnt. However, not all the kinds of olive oil can be used to beautify the skin. There are different kinds of olive oil. The best one to spread on the skin is produced from Spain called “extra virgin olive oil”.

People can mix olive oil with some other materials to produce facial mask to beautify the skin. For example, the mask made of olive oil and one spoon of granulated sugar can be used to make the skin whiten. People also can mix four to five drops of olive oil with one spoon of milk as well as flour to apply to the face. This kind of mask plays an important role in improving the skin, which can remove the facial wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin. It is particularly suitable for middle and old aged women or pregnant women to use. In addition, people can drink two spoons of olive oil before having breakfast, which can greatly improve the skin.

Olive oil can also help people lose weight. Olive oil can not only improve the digestive system, but also prevent constipation for people. Therefore, the effect of weight loss for people is rather outstanding.

In addition, olive oil can be edible. When people cook dishes, they can drop olive oil in the pan. Olive oil contains fewer calories than edible oil, which can effectively help people lose weight. Olive oil also contains abundant vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin F. that means olive oil is rather beneficial to the human health. When people eat salad, they can use olive oil to take the place of tartar sauce which contains high calories.

In short, olive oil has rather high value for people in everyday life. It is rather beneficial to the human health. It is reasonable for people to make full use of olive oil.
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Skin Care and Weight Loss Effects of Olive Oil
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